Adult Weekend Surf Clinics and Classes

Intended for the surfers who just needs to get some fresh air and sunshine after the long work week. The adult weekend clinic is great for those still new to surfing and looking to meet others who share the skill, but aren’t quite ready to test the waters on their own. Two-day small-group surfing clinics (usually no more than 10 surfers to assure quality instruction and wave selections) offer individual instruction with our experienced staff. Offered for 2 hours on Saturday and Sunday (9-11 a.m.), it’s a great way to start off the morning, with often a lot of ocean to enjoy for yourself before the afternoon crowds join in. The clinic is available both days; however, some choose to do the Saturday clinic a few weekends in a row, finding it to be a great social affair, workout, and again a great way to start off the weekend. While intended for the “been-out-a-few-times” surfer, those still trying for the first time are welcome. Basics, fundamentals, wave choosing, and surfing etiquette are taught along with specific questions for goals clients have for the session.
Offered all summer longWant to get away? Why not escape to one of San Diego's finest surfing spots while you enjoy the outdoors, and take on that fun, stress relieving activity we call surfing.This two day surfing clinic featuring adults only, offers a quick weekend getaway where instructors give individual instruction for every level of surfing (beginning, intermediate, and advanced), teach new moves, water etiquette, and leave you exuding a new found confidence after an amazing weekend of surfing.
Ages: 18 & up Schedule: Sat & Sun (9am-11am) Price: $150 (also a one day option, $75)

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