San Diego Surf School is Fantastic! San Diego Surf School is Fantastic!
The Stanley Family, Phoenix AZ.
San Diego Surf School is exceptional! San Diego Surf School is exceptional!
There were many surf schools to choose from, but San Diego Surf School was the most family oriented and professional. My 2 sons had the best time at this camp. They were standing up the first time and instructors Souf and Gene were the best. I signed them up for the 5 day surf camps and on friday I thought it was really neat how the surf school invited all the parents to enjoy a lunch at mini surf competition. As a mom I was concerned, but the school was exceptional with their safety and professionalism. I strongly recommend this surf camp to any other mom like myself.Megan B, Phoenix AZ. 
BEST Surf School in San Diego BEST Surf School in San Diego
This is the best surf school in SD hands down! i would recommend to everyone in the area. great instructors and world class surf spots! over all amazing experience. i have never surfed before in my life and i was up on my first wave in under an hour!!! THANK YOU SOUF!Kyle F, Sun Valley CA
Great for honeymooners! Great for honeymooners!
My husband and I recently went to San Diego for our Honeymoon. While in San Diego it was our provocative to learn to surf. We not only learned to surf, but had an afternoon full of laughter and excitement. We initially only wanted one day, but had so much fun that we signed up for 2 more days! I was thoroughly impressed with their professionalism, organization, punctuality, and friendly staff. It was a great addition to our honeymoon.Chenin, Chicago IL.
I highly recommend these guys I highly recommend these guys
I wanted to try surfing for the first time and picked San Diego Surf School out of a hat online for a one on one lesson.  I’m glad I did!  My instructor, Gene, was right on time (a bit early, even), right where they said he’d be.  He had a board and wetsuit ready to go for me.  After a quick but useful tutorial on the beach, we hit the waves.  Gene was easygoing and helpful throughout the lesson, and after an hour and a half I felt like I had a good feel for it — I was paddling, popping up, and catching some (small) waves on my own. I highly recommend these guys for beginners.  They’re friendly and professional.  I’d definitely go back for more.Cody H, San Francisco California..
I had a great time I had a great time
After 32 years in San Diego, I figured it was time I got on a surfboard.   I had my one on one lesson with Souf, the schools owner, and also got to meet Adam, a new instructor.   I had a great time with Souf and felt really comfortable with him.  He was a great coach and very supportive.   He gave me great pointers to work on at home before i head back out.  He spent a ton of time with me and was even more determined than me to see me on my feet.  While I did get my feet under me a few times, my glory was short lived.  I’m close though and will definitely go back to San Diego Surf School and would recommend it to everyone.Kathleen E, San Diego California.
I highly recommend San Diego Surf School I highly recommend San Diego Surf School
I would highly recommend San Diego Surf School.  I picked them because you have the option of taking a 1.5 hour lesson, while most other places only give you an hour.  Logan was our instructor and he was excellent – he had me standing up after only a few tries (I had never been surfing before).  Overall it was a great experience and I would definitely go again.  And it got me hooked on surfing!Jessica P, Brooklyn NY
I had a great time I had a great time
I’m 35 years old and tried surfing for the first time at the San Diego Surf School.  Jeff was my instructor and I had a great time.  I took a 1.5 hour lesson the first day and liked it so much that I signed up for an hour lesson the next day.  Jeff was very encouraging and helpful and actually had me standing up on the second wave I caught.  Souf, the owner, was really nice and actually drove me down to the beach for my first lesson.  They provide you with a wetsuit and a board so all I brought was a towel.  I had a great time and I’d suggest them to anyone heading to San Diego for some surfing.  Thanks guys!  I’ll be back!Bob M, Bellevue, WA
Thank you San Diego Surf School!e Thank you San Diego Surf School!e
My boyfriend and I had a blast surfing in San Diego with this school! It was are first time surfing, and the staff and instructors were so friendly and helpful. It was so great that we bought another lesson for the following day. I would highly recommend this school!Renee L, Stateline NV.
I would highly recommend San Diego Surf School to anyone I would highly recommend San Diego Surf School to anyone
My 8 year old daughter did their surf camp this summer and it was great. The teachers were really nice, really patient, and the kids loved them. There were two teachers for 4 kids, though I don’t know if it’s always such a small group of kids, as it was the end of summer vacation. The teachers and the owner were very helpful, very prepared, had a nice canopy for shade, seating, drinking water, and sunscreen for the kids and their families. I would highly recommend San Diego Surf School to anyone looking to learn how to surf, and will undoubtedly go back for some lessons for myself, and enroll both my daughters in surf camp next summer. Katrina C, San Diego, CA
Very professional. Very professional.
Very professional. Brian was a great, patient instructor. Souf runs a tight ship. I was very happy with my experience and would recommend them to others.Adam, San Diego, CA